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Wow! Our Holiday Sale Was Huge - We Are Humbled!

Skyclock Android territory list

Hello! to our 15,000 new Skyclock friends! You are from everywhere in the world and we're glad to have you join the gang interested in situation awareness and planning your day, night and twilight!

Our Holiday Sale was a huge success. We've got some aggregator apps and websites we'd like to thank, but we'll get to that later. Most important right now is our users, "new" and "already". Great to meet you and thank you for the referrals.

Our new Android sales were from almost a completely different Territory list than the iPhone sales. The Android list for the last few weeks from our Google Play Console is pictured here.

Brazil, Russia, and Mexico led the list. Skyclock is localized to Russian, so we're happy about that. Portuguese just moved to the top of our language priority list! Brazil! Who knew! We're excited to have a greater presence in South America.

The iPhone gang was led, more predictably, by the U.S., Germany, South Korea, Canada (our border buddies, just down the road from us) and China. Below is the list from our iTunesConnect analytics page.

Once again, thank you, Skyclock friends. This is a great way to start the year. We're looking forward to this year, and our best wishes to you in 2018 as well.

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