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"Marine Bells - Ships Bells To Go" App Releases New iOS 10 Version

Marine Bells - Ships Bells To Go App Icon

Seagoing Marine Learned Ships Bells While Serving Aboard USS Lexington

Ann Arbor, Michigan - April 4, 2017 - Skyclock, Inc. has released an updated version of its "Marine Bells - Ships Bells To Go" iPhone app, optimized for iOS 10.

A popular app in the Utilities category, Marine Bells was an iTunes Featured App when it was first released, reaching "Featured" status in iTunes App Stores in 90 countries.

Marine Bells is a time-keeping app that chimes every half hour using the Ship's Bells pattern (shown in a screen shot below).

John Rosevear, CEO of Skyclock and the inspiration for Marine Bells, is a Marine Corps veteran, and learned the ship's bells chimes while serving aboard the USS Lexington. "It's evocative for any sailors, to be sure. But it's a great way for anyone to tell time without having to look at a watch or clock."

Download "Marine Bells - Ships Bells To Go" from the App Store:

More information about "Marine Bells - Ships Bells To Go" and Skyclock at:

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