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About Skyclock



Skyclock provides time applications that enhance safety, productivity, and planning by making use of unique and intuitive time displays.  Skyclock was created to market and license Skyclock applications, and serve as the incubator for further development of innovative time-keeping and astronomical information.

Skyclock Company is a Michigan corporation.

For a broad and multiple user and market sectors, Skyclock is a personal, useful, and unique time-keeping display application. An enhancement of the internationally recognized analog clock, it is a compelling, dynamic, graphic that accurately shows relative specific solar time. That is, knowing date and location, a 3-color ‘face’ displays regional length of daylight, slice-of-pie twilight, and night.

The concept applies to any date anywhere on earth. User groups are aviators, boaters, photographers, and anyone involved in outdoor sports and recreation. Skyclock® can be placed in any vehicle or mobile device with an LCD screen, in addition to homes, schools, and businesses.

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